1. Write an elegy for a pet.
  2. Write a one sentence poem that includes two truths and a lie.
  3. Write a sequel: a poem that refers to another & starts immediately after events in the original.
  4. Write haibun that mentions time. Add haiku to end of an existing prose, travel poem.
  5. Pick an inanimate object. Trace the evolution of your relationship throughout your life.
  6. The title will be the name of that object.
  7. Write a diatribe, fill it with rage & hyperbole; divorce internal editor & Miss Manners.
  8. Try a haiku sequence. Link together 3 or 4 stanzas.
  9.  Write a poem that takes place during a storm. The poem shouldn’t be just about the storm, though it plays a central role. The storm is backdrop for what takes place.
  10. Write a loud poem — full of sounds. Or if not full, at least including a sound or two or three, which is more than most. You can write out the sounds—like clip-clop, clip-clop—or describe —like the horse’s hooves made their usual music, delicate and heavy at once.